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I'm on my way to Ireland
I can't believe it's true,
It's a journey I've always dreamed of
And Dad, I'm here for you

You described for me in detail
as a babe upon your knee,
How God clothed this beautiful country
in forty shades of green
As I gaze upon the valleys
and meadows all sparkling with dew
I just can't help thinking Dad,
that I am here for you

The people are so friendly here
And as you walk by any pub,
you're drawn by the laughter and singing
it's every town's social hub
And as I sit here sipping
my pint of Guiness brew,
I just can't help thinkin' Dad,
that I am here for you

It was so grand to sing along
accompanied by squeeze box, flute and fiddle,
with Paddy and Mick on either side
and me right in the middle!
And as I sang those rebel songs
about Kevin Barry and his crew,
I sang out loud and proudly Dad,
Yes, I was there for you

At the churchyard cemetary,
in Passage West,  County Cork,
I stood over the place where our ancestors lay,
to emotional to talk
But finally did manage to say a little prayer
And, Dad, I believe you know it's true,
I asked the Lord to give me strength
Cause I was there for two
For you must know by now Dad,
that I was there for you.

I have been all over Ireland,
from Dublin to Donegal,
The ring of Kerry, the Blarney Stone,
I've seen and done it all.
I've shared a laugh, I've shed a tear
Even had a brew or two,
And all the while that I was there Dad,
You were with me too.

I know it was your dream Dad,
to visit this Emerald Isle so fair,
And see for yourself this land so green
and breathe the crisp, fresh air
But a part of you did get there
and saw everything you longed to see
T'was the daughter of your rebel heart
Yes, Dad, that part of you was me!

Written By
Wild Summer Rose



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