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You’re my Lover and My Friend

There's something I must tell you,
There's something you should know,
You should know by now, I love you,
And will never let you go,

You're like the raging fire,
that warms my skin at night,
you're all that I need to live,
In the darkness, you're my light,

I love you more than you will know,
So much I go to tears,
Your voice is like a silky touch,
Whispered upon my ears.

Your touch is light and feathered,
Your eyes are mine to see,
I long to feel your dampened skin,
When you're laying next to me.

There are so many things I want to say,
So many feelings I can't express,
In time, I hope, you know by now,
I'll never love you less.

And even though things get tough,
I hope this never ends,
Because despite you being the man I love,
I see you as my friend....

Linda Martella




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