You and Me Baby

I watch the trees
as they sway in the breeze.
If only I could live
with that kind of ease.

All I think
throughout the day,
is how I can live
my life this way.

All these fantasies
fill my mind,
someone romantic
I long to find.

I know in my heart
this is wrong.
For myself I
should stay strong.

We touch and I tingle
as we kiss.
Now I truly know
the meaning of bliss.

The afternoon sun
adds a beautiful glare.
Throughout my bones
I feel your stare.

You touch my hand
then pull away.
"I think I love you"
I hear you say.

I've never felt
quite like this.
Moments with you
I'd hate to miss.

When God made you
he broke the mold,
nothings more precious
not even gold.

Loves next victim,
who will it be?
Deep in my heart
it's you and me.

On the radio
our song starts playing.
I don't wanna leave,
you talk me into staying

Beautiful flowers
in my hair.
You and I
make a wonderful pair.

On my face
I wear a disguise.
He'd know if he
looked into my eyes.

Nothing is actually
like it seems,
There we live
in my dreams.

I always look forward
to tomorrow.
I think you're the man,
who'll take away my sorrow.

Not allowed to say
those words of three
I wish you'd say
you loved me.

I live each day
like it's the last,
with you I see
there will be no past.

To hear your voice,
to see your smile,
makes all the hurt
be worth while.

I long for the day
our two bodies will melt,
true passion and love
with you I have felt.

I close this poem
with feelings so true.
no holding back
I must say.... I LOVE YOU.

I may scare you
and make you run,
but for me to confess
I guess I am done.

I know what I feel,
and it is so new,
I truly mean it when
I say I love you.

Written By Candy

Copyright May 20 2001

The Artist Of These Beautiful Pictures Is Jim Warren
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