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When Love Dies
I sit alone recalling our last talk
No longer dreaming of a romantic walk
Hand in hand strolling the shore
Realizing we both wanted so much more
Love between us is not meant to be
Losing trust because of jealousy
Distance you say took love away
But no matter what I believe love finds a way
Love is patient and love is kind
True love will survive it just takes time
But time is something you can't afford
And I heard the slamming of the door
My heart got caught and it was broken
All that is left are words unspoken
Love isn't a vision of passion and glory
To me it is a life long story
It isn't a fairy tale with a happy end
It is a life ended
that did not begin
When love dies it takes it's toll
From me it took my very soul
Can tears wash away pain
How will my heart sustain
Time like waves wash over me
Stripped of all things that mattered to me
Without love life isn't worth living
My heart is asleep and has no more giving
Weak, withdrawn alone am I
This happens When Love Dies

Copyright 2000

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