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What I Wouldn't do

Is there anything i wouldn't do
To have you next to me?
Is there anything i can't endure,
To try and help you see?
is there anything that exists,
that can cause this love to fade?
is there anything in the world,
That could have possibly made you stay???
I would have done anything,
Just to hear you say,
That you love me like you always have,
in every possible way.
I'd suffer pains unbearable,
to have you hold my hand,
To hold me while we watch the sun set,
On the dampened sand.
i'd give away my voice if I,
Could hear you say I LOVE YOU,
although i could not answer back,
it would mean more to me that i knew.
i would give away my right to walk,
To have you always with me,
Although i couldn't walk next to you,
i would do it just for us to be.
I would disregard my sense of touch,
if you would sleep next to me in bed,
i wouldn't be able to feel you skin,
but it would be worth all the pains in my head.
i would die a most painful death,
i could suffer forever if i knew,
That when the pain was over,
I would somehow be with you.
I'd die a million deaths,
I'd cry an ocean of tears,
i'd face all of my memories,
And all my hidden fears.
I'd give up all earthly pleasure,
Just to help you see,
How much it is, that i love you,
And yet, you still would not love me....

Written By

L. Martella




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