What Friendship's About

Words for some can come with ease
Writing  words with hopes to please

You bring a smile by your mere presence
Seeing your face is oh so pleasant

The smile you give will come back to you
For it is given with a love that's true

Words of wisdom that you do speak
Saying what is right and not meek

You say what you feel
And that is for real

A lesson from you other's could take
Be yourself, don't be a fake

If you have to pretend
Perhaps that person is not a true friend

Love me or leave me
To thine own self be true

I love you my friend
Just for being you

I don't care what you do for a living
I just know I love you for the friendship you're giving

You let me be me
I feel alive and free

No pretense, no lies, no make believe
No tricks do I hide up my sleeve

Isn't that what friendship about
Of your friendship I have not a doubt

That is What Friendship's About

Copyright 8-10-01

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