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Wavering Faith

Lord, sometimes I'm deep in despair
And I can't find you anywhere.
It's at those times I feel
That perhaps you're not really real.
That you don't really care about me
That I'm drifting alone on life's sea.

I cry out to you for peace
But I find no release
From the fear and dread
That weighs heavy on my head
Weighing down my soul
When I want to be made whole.

But just when I think I'm at the end
Of my rope, and I'll never mend
You come and whisper to me,
"Child, I never left, you see!
I've been here all along,
Waiting for you to see you're wrong!"

It is then that I understand
That I tried to do it with my own hand.
To wait on the Lord is best,
I was running after my own quest,
"Father, I'm sorry, please forgive!
May I trust you as long as I live!"

(C) 1999 by Glenda Lou Martin

Two Of The Pictures Are From Merlins

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