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Waiting and Waiting

I bid you a warning
take charge of your life
This is not an escape
It is full of strife

You wait and you wait
for him to appear
That special someone
you hold so dear

You've expressed your feelings
so deep and so true
You've said the words
I love you

A simple chat
saying hello
You didn't know
How far it would go

The clock counts down
It's after midnight
Sometimes you wait
till dawns early light

A few minutes more
You say to yourself
You just can't leave
There is no one else

Can't sleep at all
Tired and weary
You cry by yourself
Eyes are so teary

You cannot help
just how you feel
Believing that this time
Love was for real

From different Planets
We come from it seems
My head's in the stars
Created in dreams

I didn't plan this
Loving you so
It tears me apart
but you'll never know

They're wrong when they say
You can't love on line
For I've never known
a love more divine

What can I say
What can I do
I am hopelessly
In love with YOU

Copyright 2000

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