The Sea and Me

It seems no matter what happens to me
I find a kind of tranquility in the sea.

She knows all emotions
her waves emphasize by motion.

Soft and gentle for romance.
Makes you take a second glance.

Anger shown with slamming waves.
Also shown in times of rage.

When I'm blue she curls around.
Gently making soothing sounds.

As if she knew I wanted no one to hear ...
she blocks the sounds of heartfelt tears.

I gaze upon her vast waters,
and I'm torn.

Wonder what it would be like
 if I had not been born.

We make our own happiness.
We make our own sorrow.

In our minds we think some power
will make a brighter tomorrow.

I look out to sea
 and see a reflection of me.

I think about swimming
as far out as can be.

There would be darkness
and an end.

Perhaps after that ...
a new begin.

Waves pounding
 I want so much more.

Let me hear your
 thunderous roar.

Salt cures ... so cover me.
I want to live ... not merely to be.

Again she provides that tranquility.
I gather thoughts and I once again see.

My happiness is up to me.
I must decide what it's to be.

When my time on earth is done.
With her I finally shall be one.


AngelKat50 **
Copyright 2000
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