Transparent Me

I feel sometimes I am transparent
and through me you can see

My heart is full of love for you
You've become a part of me

Words like soft clouds whisper
Of my love for you

They resound to the world
Of this love so true

You are my sunshine
You make the world so bright

You are the stars that twinkle
In the sky at night

Darling I shall love you
Through all eternity

If ever you should be in need
You can call on me

I can't make you love me
For love is felt within the heart

You are and always will be
In my heart that special part

If I could make a wish
And if it would come true

You would be loving me
As I always have loved you

Am I that transparent
Does everybody know

Can they see inside me
Do they see my glow

Always and forever
I give my heart to you

Always and forever
You have my love so true

Copyright May 4, 2001


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