The ticking of the clock seems so very loud
I am alone now .. even in a crowd

I laugh and smile at the right time
No one ever guessing what's on my mind

I am lost without my special friend
Never dreaming that our friendship would end

Not planning how much my love for you would grow
Darling I swear I just didn't know

It was so casual, so trusting so good
It was forever .. that we both understood

That night when our fingers did touch
'Twas then I knew I loved you so much

Our eyes seem to get lost in one another
It was then when friendship turned into lover

So wonderful was the love that we shared
Realizing then how much that we cared

Today in the light of day
You turned from me .. you walked away

My heart is broken I am lost and alone
Sitting beside the silent phone

Were we wrong .. did we make a mistake
How do we turn back time ... is it too late

Tick Tock .. so loud and so sad
Have I now lost the best friend I ever had

Time ... I give all mine to you
With a love always and forever true

Copyright 4-25-01


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