The Start of A Beautiful Relationship

In your heart
of hearts
do you feel it
when it starts?

Do you feel
that special tingle?
Or were we meant
to stay single?

When I hear
your soft, sexy voice,
I think to myself
this is my choice.

Why should I
deny myself this pleasure
When all you are
is God's greatest treasure?

When we talk
I hear your desire
the things you say
set me on fire.

I can truly see
my world with you.
How do I make
all my dreams come true?

Although we've known
each other so little time
I feel a bond,
no matter the reason or rhyme.

We've both been hurt
so deep, so bad
I promise forever,
I'll make you glad.

The things you say
hit close to my heart
it may be soon,
but I hope we never part.

You're so understanding,
you're so kind,
I want to know
everything in your mind.

When I fall
I really fall hard
somehow you allow me
to lower my guard.

With you I feel
I can truly be me
you see the things
no one else wants to see.

Never before
have I felt this way
forever in time
with you I could stay.

Written By Candy

Copyright May 16, 2001

The Artist Of These Beautiful Pictures Is Jim Warren
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