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I was sitting by the window on a cold September day
When an old man I'd seen before glanced up my way
His eyes were sad and lonely, he had a look that was rare
And he motioned to me to come and join him downstairs.
I pondered only a moment, then turned to lock the door
Doing something I knew I shouldn't but which I'd be thankful for.
As I opened the door a tear of joy came to the old man's eyes
He reached out to take my hand and called me a blessing in disguise.
He said "I know you don't know me but I've seen you sitting there before,
You know even an old man needs a friend sometimes"
and for a while he said no more.

I looked over to see the old man crying as we sat in a city so grand
Slowly he turned to look at me and wiped his tears on his hand
He said "My name is Jim, I've no friends or family
They've all gone from this world and left only me.
Once, a while back, I had a wife, a son and a daughter too
She was sweet and gentle, and looked a lot like you."
He said"I've been hangin in too long, suppose it's past time for me to die"
He squeezed my hand ever so gently and again started to cry.
"I wish you'd takesome advice " he said "from a man who is old and wise"
The words he said I'll always remember, told to me through cloudy eyes.
"Never stay where you're not wanted, or where you don't belong
Find a home and family, to them you'll always belong."
With this he rose to take his leave, I said goodbye to Jim
I was glad of the few moments spent together and knew I"d never forget him.
The next morning in the paper, I saw an old man had died
Alone and cold on a park bench, I hung my head and cried.
They were looking for someone to identify him, I guess some kind of kin
All they had to go on was an ID bracelet that read JIM
Time and time again his words have returned to my mind
As I think of an old man with no place to go and no one for him to find.
"Never stay where you're not wanted, or where you've been too long
Find a home and family, to them you'll always belong"

 Written By Angie Olson



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