"The Garden Of Love"
         Welcome to all, to a day that we hope will never end
       True love has been planted, the seed will now grow
       and you are here to watch it glow
     The seed is called "Morning Glory" the leaves have
      started to part;
     In each leaf means a dedication straight from the heart
    The first dedication is opening the heart to see what love really means
to me, I then opened it joyfully
   The second one lifted and then spread it's wing
   my heart began to sing;
   The third one pointed to Heaven, looking up to the sky
   to see the wondrous glory of God's own Eye;
   He made you in His Hands to mold,
   Now you must promise to stay until old
  Mom and Dad look upon you with pride
   With much beam, down our cheeks waters
    of  joy mixed with love will  stream,
   We are here to share with you this joy
   yes, looking for children, be it girl or boy;
  Sunrise, sunset, we can recall when you were very small
     Guiding, helping one another along the way
  We thank each one of you for sharing indeed
   as a token of our love we give you a seed
 To plant, to recall and watch it spring
  Remembering this day when they pledged to each other
  love always with this ring

Written By Dorothy

Dedicated to:
Kimberley and Marcus

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