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Look Deep into her eyes.
Do you see it?
The concern that only those who love
can truly understand.
Is it a mother who worries for her young?
Or is it a lover who frets for her man?
Love is boundless and is overpowering ...
yet it is a force more powerful than
the anything known to mankind.
Look deep into those eyes.
They could be the piercing look
found in your eyes or that found in mine.
The eyes are the windows to the soul.
They speak without uttering a word.
They express all that is inside.
Feelings ... worries ... love
Emotions are always ongoing
and from the eyes ... they cannot hide.
A loof you may try to be.
But once your eyes look  at me
I can see a reflection of myself.
And when my eyes gaze upon you,
I see skies of blue,
time spent with you and nothing else.
Fantasy, reality are all there.
Nothing is as bright as the light
that dazzles in the eyes of love
and it generates through your whole being.
Hold on to it.
Never let it go.
Life is so worth living when through
the eyes of love you are seeing.
The heavens smiled down
and gave us this most precious gift from above.
Beauty beyond compare.
Caring without consequence.
Love without conditions.
These are seen and felt through
The Eyes of Love.
Look through the

Copyright 2000

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