I searched to find the right card,
To send to you tonight,
I found this little angel,
And felt she looked just right.
I send this little angel,
To keep watch over you,
And keep you safe forever,
And ne'er let you be blue.
To let you know I treasure,
Your friendship most of all,
Because that when I stumble,
You never let me fall.
Your hand's been there to steady,
My walk on life's pathway,
And though sometimes my night's been dark,
You've turned it into day.
You've always had the answers,
To cancel all my fears,
And tho you're far away,
You seem to brush away my tears.
And when I feel I'm all alone,
No one to really care,
I hear the words of our song,
That tell me, "I'll be there".
Of all the songs I've ever heard,
It's the song I like the best,
Because you picked it our for me,
Chose it from all the rest.
So I picked out this angel,
And send her now to you,
To say you'll never be alone,
My heart will be with you.

By Angel
Copyright 2000
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