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That Extra Mile


You're really something special

And my friend you'll always be,

Your actions speak for words

A delight for all to see.

You're so true and understanding

And you always wear a smile,

You're the only friend I really have

That will walk that extra mile.

So many times I think about you

And the funny thinks that you have said,

I catch myself laughing out loud

As thoughts rush through my head.

I think of the times that I've needed you

And your number I would dial,

Then you would drop what you were doing

And drive that extra mile.

A true friend like you is hard to find

I will cherish it with my heart,

May we remain the friends we are

And never drift apart.

So a very special thank you

To you my friend with so much style,

The only friend that thinks enough

To go that extra mile.......

Wtitten By: Terry P. Barnes

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