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Tell Me No Lies

Do not lie to me
One lie begets another

I'd rather hear the truth from you
For lies, my love, will smother

You may think it kinder
Than to hurt my feelings

But lies make for distrust in you
I must know with what I'm dealing

Don't defend the lies
Let's face the truth head on

Continuing the untruths
You will soon find me gone

Should you question
my voracity

Tell me of these doubts
And I will answer honestly

Truths remain the same
Falsehoods often change

The story teller forgets
Their lies are out of range

Forgetting what they said
Stumbling on their words

I listen with my heart
Not saying how absurd

They often call me gullible
I see more than they know

What they don't care to see
Is how lies hurt me so

Tell me no lies my love
And I will do the same

This thing called love and life
Is hard enough without the games

Copyright 8-17-00

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