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Stairway to Heaven

I've waited so long
for love to be mine.
And tonight it will be
absolutely divine.
The stars are shining
and a full moon above.
The night is perfect
for making love.
You knock on my door
I invite you in.
I feel nervous ...
you touch my chin.
Your lips meet mine
and we embrace.
I feel the heat
it blushes my face.
Your hands touch me
My heart beats fast.
I want this night
of love to last.
You hold me so close
I feel butterflies.
I see a new world
as I look in your eyes.
Your hands sensuously
remove all my things.
I, too, remove yours
and my head spins.
Two bodies bare
 meld together
Forgetting the world
only thoughts of each other.
Hands exploring ...
wet lips follow.
Our bodies talk love
and in love we wallow.
Your hands explore
that secret spot.
Temperature rising
feeling so hot.
My hands find you
 and spirits soar.
We know that we both
need and want more.
We lay down
upon the bed.
What was it that
you just said?
Climbing the stairway
to Heaven.
Timing is perfect
we will know when.
Climbing higher
hardly can breathe.
Panting and loving
both wanting to please.
Higher and Higher
we want so much more.
Lightning strikes..
and thunder roars
This night of love
is pure ecstasy.
It is so right
for you and for me.
I scream I love you.
You do the same.
Whispering love words
calling our names.
If this is heaven
then let me die.
I can touch
the stars in the sky.
I love you and want you
and need you so bad.
The feelings with you
are the best I have had.
We've reached the top
both you and I.
Climatic wonders.
A tear leaves my eye.
What rapture we feel
We cannot speak.
Our bodies have both
grown very weak.
We lie very still
enjoying the scents
Our bodies are both
totally spent.
This is the night
I have always dreamed of...
A fantasy with you
sharing our love.
The Stairway To Heaven
we climbed and we found.
Endless love
that is so profound.
I love you more than yesterday
But less than tomorrow.
With you I have found joy
and have no more sorrow.
Thank you for the gift
that you've given to me.
A Love that I know
will forever be.

Always thinking of you.

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