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Someone Very Special
I have finally met someone,
someone very special.
I have not figured out
why he is so special to me.
I really enjoy being around him
and being able to talk to him.
To me he seems like he would be
a wonderful person to have a
relationship with.
He says he doesn't like getting involved
in relationships because if it doesn't
work out then the couple ends up
hating each other.
He says he wouldn't use me and
in a way I believe him, but I
also have a hard time trusting him.
Because I have been hurt by too
many guys to trust any of them.
The main problem is that I am
getting older and I am ready to
settle down with only one,
but he is not ready to.
The only thing left for me to do
is to have him as a friend and hope
that will be enough.
Written By Debbie Zufelt

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