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Show Me a World

Show me a world where rainbows are drab,
Their colors all faded to gray;
A world without sunlight, moonlight, or stars,
To separate night from the day.
Show me a world where laughter is stilled,
And fear binds the heart like a rope.
Show me a world where dreams don't exist,
And I'll show you a world without hope.

Show me a world where hearts and possessions
Are counted as one and the same;
Where sharing and caring have lost their allure,
And friendship is only a game;
Where human emotions are treated as toys,
And empathy's never heard of.
Show me a world where People are Things,
And I'll show you a world without

Now, there is a world, as you and I know,
Where both hope and love can be found;
Where joy fills the spirit, the heart dares to dream,
And caring and friendship abound.
Together, we build it and shape it, each day,
Investing our souls in this plan.
There are those who may think such a world can't exist;
But, together, we're proving it can.

-Troy J. Hoecherl-





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