Shirley Doris Pearce




One Year Tribute

A Celebration Of Her Life

And Tributes.

Shirley was born on Christmas Eve 1935.

She grew up at Shirley Terrace, Kirkstead St, Hyson Green.

At the age of 13 she met Roy.For Roy it was love at first sight.

(She was introduced to him as he was swinging round a lamppost on a piece of rope)

Roy was 14. They courted until Roy volunteered for the Army.

He was in Malaya when she had her terrible accident.

After 3 years abroad Roy came home and asked Shirley to marry him.

They wed on 24th March 1956. They moved to Alpine Terrace,

St Anns, and then to Pym St, where they made many life long friends,

at the Hop Bloom, and Peveril. They had 4 Wonderful children,

Karen, Dawn, Terry and Deborah. 9 Grandchildren Robert,

Samantha, Benn, Kevin, Jonathon, Lee, Alex, Curtis and Kya.

She was soon to be a Great Grandma. The family like many at that time

, struggled to make ends meet, but it didn’t stop them from being happy,

and having some wonderful memories. They then moved to Hungerhill Rd,

many of the friends they had, moved to different areas,

and things were never quite the same, although

we now had a bath and an inside toilet.

They still had some friends from the old St Anns around them,

they made many new friends, at the Dame Agnes Mellors,

and the Gladstone Liberal Club. Shirley's life revolved

around her social life, she enjoyed seeing people smile,

and she would often make herself the laughing stock,

with fancy dress events, like the time she dressed up as a commando,

she kicked in the doors of the club and pointed her

gun at the bar staff and said give me a drink or else,

or the time she went as a dog and she kept peeing up everybody's leg,

or the time she was a punk rocker and kept spitting at everyone.

She would help anyone, with anything, she never said no,

it wasn’t in her vocabulary. She would sew, knit, cook,

and sell raffle and bingo books, in fact she probably

has them in a line already, selling bingo books up above,

she wouldn’t miss her game of bingo even if she had to call it herself.

Shirley was diagnosed with cancer 3 weeks before her

tragic death on March 23rd, 1 day short of her 44th wedding Anniversary.

She will be sadly missed by all that knew her, especially her family.

She was mum to so many, but we were the lucky ones,

she was our real mum.

Goodnight Godbless From All The Family. xx




She was…. A fabulous mother

She was …. Kind

She was …. Generous

She was …. Sensitive

She was …. Sometimes naive

She was …. Great

She was …. Humble

She was …. Wonderful

She was …. Ordinary

She was …. Sometimes extreme

She was …. Nosey

She was …. Lovely

She was …. Proud

She was …. Funny

She was …. So loveable

She was …. Everything

She was …. My world

She was …. My wife




A Mother

A Mother is a special thing

With all the happiness she brings


Through thick and thin, she'll stand by you

Over hot coals, she'll walk for you


She picks you up when you are down

She's there with you through smiles and frowns


A mother's love is like no other

It knows no bounds, not like a lover


I know that my mum still loves me

God keep her safe for eternity


Karen & Tim xxx




Mum in a Million

A million times we've needed you,

A million times we've cried.

If love alone could've saved you,

You never would have died.

In life we loved you dearly,

In death we love you still.

In our hearts you hold a place,

No one else will ever fill.

It broke our hearts to lose you,

But you didn't go alone.

Part of us went with you,

The day God took you home.

Love Dawn & Rob




Being asked to put pen to paper, and write down all the nice things

I remember about my Mum, has got to be the easiest thing

I have ever had to do. Simple answer to a simple question 'Everything'.

If I was to say what part of my Mum's life I would like to remember her by,

it would be the same answer 'Everything'. I wouldn't like to pick out one

particular memory from her life, but she was a Mum I could go and

talk to about anything, without being judged, even if I was wrong.

Whatever problems I had, I knew there was always one person who would

be there for me if I needed her, my Mum.

If she were a car, my Mum would definitely have been a Skoda,

no hidden extras, what you see is what you get, but in my book,

Mum was a Rolls Royce. Absolute top of the range, but in her eyes,

any car would do, so long as it had a boot full of junk for her to

rummage around in on a Sunday morning.

Terry & Carol xxx

My Mum

Words cannot say all I need to, but I will try.

I love my Mum, I always have and always will.

She was more than a mother to me, she was my idol, my hero,

my role model, but above all this, she was my best friend.

My life certainly won't be the same without her.

The most beautiful woman, I'm honoured to say, was my Mother.

I will never forget all she was, all she made me to be

, and all the treasured time we spent together. I will miss her terribly,

I'm already lost without her and I'm sad that her youngest

grandchild is too young to remember the way she was.

I hope that mum has a good seat in heaven to watch over us all.

Take it easy Mum,

Debi, Love you, see you soon XX.

Poem from Robert And Julie

Gone Too Soon

Like A Comet

Blazing 'Cross The Evening Sky

Like A Rainbow

Fading In The Twinkling Of An Eye

Gone Too Soon

Shiny And Sparkly

And Splendidly Bright

Here One Day

Gone One Night

Like A Castle

Built Upon A Sandy Beach

Like A Perfect Flower

That Is Just Beyond Your Reach

Gone Too Soon

Born To Amuse, To Inspire, To Delight

Here One Day

Gone One Night

Like The Loss Of Sunlight

On A Cloudy Afternoon Like A Sunset

Dying With The Rising Of The Moon

Gone Too Soon


My Nan


My Nan was so special to me,
She lived her life to the fullest,
And now she's been set free.

I know she's happier now than ever before,
God called her home and opened the golden door.

She has no problems and no fears,
God took her up and wiped away her tears.

I know she wants me to try my best in all I do,
I love you granny and I'll keep doing my best in everything for you!



Nanan was a big hearted , generous, loving, caring,

kind of woman, whose heart had lots of room, for everyone. Then had lots of room for more.

She was a brilliant cook, who taught me how to make spaghetti bolognese and how to fish.

I loved her very much, and will do for the rest of my years.




I love you Nanan and thank you for all the toys and sweeties,

and my balaclava. I will miss having horsey rides off you,

and hugging you.

Sleep well Nanan, love always





My sister my friend, we did not have time to say goodbye.

All I have is memories, some make me happy some make me sad.

I am so sorry I have lost you,

there was only one sister like you, you were unique.

Love you.

Barb xxx


I remember when you started work as a machinist at the same place as me.

Very small and pretty, with long blonde hair. Everybody took to you,

a glutton for work and always smiling. I also remember your club swinging days.

You carried those qualities through your lifetime

Shirl that’s how I remember you. Heart as big as a bucket.

All my family loved you. Sleep well Godbless.



Our Shirley

"She'll do it for us, let's pop down and see her now"

She made mittens for Sheila, altered trouser

lengths, sew this, sew that, she was our fingers and thumbs.

That's how we remember 'Our Shirley'.

She gave us a recipe for 'Indian' Curry.

Many a Sunday night we would have supper

with her and her family, and what would be on

the menu, yes, you've got it, 'Indian' curry, rice,

chips and mushy peas! And we could do as we

pleased, as long as we didn't mention "Vinegar"

That's how we remember 'Our Shirley'.

Archer Street dancing, pictures at The Grand,

Leno's and Bug'ole too. Long posts ringing,

corner street singing, telling jokes until we wet our knickers.

That's how we remember 'Our Shirley'.

A pint of brown ale at the Gladstone, was a

picture that I would always want to snap,

but I could never remember my camera.

But of course, when last orders were called,

it was two pints of brown ale.

That's how we remember 'Our Shirley',

And that's how we always will.

Bob and Sheila.