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She is my bestest buddy
She is my bestest friend
We’ve had some good times
We’ve shared some sad times
And yes we’ve even had some bad times
But she is my bestest buddy
And we’ll be together to the end
She is my bestest buddy,

And I know I am hers too
I know because she told me
And so it must be true
Because my bestest buddy
My dearest, trusted friend
Is always loyal and honest true
On these things you can depend
She is my bestest buddy,

How I wish you could know her too
Her smile could warm the coldest heart
And her eyes just dazzle you
But her beauty’s not just on the outside
If she was your bestest friend you’d know
She has a soft and tender heart
That gives her an inner glow

If you ever need a friend
On her you can rely
She’ll always listen and understand
And even with you cry
She is my bestest buddy
We’ve laughed and fought and cried
Our dreams and hopes and fears we’ve shared
Yes, our friendship has been tried

We are truly kindred spirits
And though at times we’ve been apart
Bestest friends are forever connected
By mind and soul and heart
Yes, you are my bestest buddy
You’re my bestest friend it’s true
I love the way you make me laugh
And hug me when I’m blue

You are my bestest buddy Trace
And I want to tell you too
That as a friend you're truly loved
By me, your best friend - Lou

Written By
Wild Summer Rose



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