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Sensual love

Love so sensual
Love so true

This is the love
I have for you

Heart beats quicken
Fingertips explore

No one has touched me
Like this before

Tracing my body
Touching me there

Caution to the wind
I haven't a care

Pulling me close
Holding me tight

Kissing me softly
Feeling so right

Our bodies meld
As though we were one

It seems our senses
Have come undone

I want you, I love you
I need you so

My mind wonders
Where next will you go

My body trembles
Feelings so new

I am so much
In love with you

Rapture divine
Our bodies soar

Crying out
We both want more

Was it lightening
Did thunder roar

I see stars
Oh how we soar

Not yet ... Not yet
I want this to last

Rapture must linger
Not end so fast

Hands and arms
around one another

I love you we scream
each to the other

Faster and faster
Our bodies join

My hips tight
Against your loins

Then with a pounding
we both heave a sigh

Now we float
to the heavens up high

Sensual Love
Feelings sublime

I know that forever
You will be mine

I give to you
my body and soul

It is now that we two
are one and are whole

Copyright 9-3-00
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