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YoUr SeLfiSh LoVe

Where to start, Oh where to start,
How can I explain how you broke my heart?
You made me feel like I was beautiful and smart,
And yet somehow through love, you ripped me apart.

As i cry and I sit in the thunder and rain,
All that I feel is this unbearable pain,
And all the memories i have of us are stained,
And everything I lost, you gained.

Although I truly thought that you cared,
I should have known through your icy stare,
That the love we possess will never be fair,
For the feelings of selfishness and love can't compare.

My hands quiver as I see you approach with that look in your eye,
and with a single and painful glance i knew about your lies,
You refused to even hold me, as I broke down to cry,
And with no words you walked away, without even saying goodbye.

You where able to move on with your disgusting and pitiful life,
And all that you left me with was the pain and the strife,
You tell me you still love me and try to give unwanted advice,
Your sour words rip through my soul life a rusty, jagged knife.

My entire body aches with pain, my olive tone is gone from my skin,
My appetite has evaded me, in this game, it seems you win.
Oh where to start, oh where to start? oh where can i begin?
It seems all of my sacrifices where nothing but meaningless sins...

Bittersweet realities are in my dreams when i try to sleep at night
Although i miss your love for me, you are now a sorry sight,
Without me i see you die, you have no spark, no light, And now when i see you on the street you run to me with delight.

You miss me after all this time and you see that you were wrong,
How many times have i heard of that, sad and pathetic song,
Now you wish you had the girl that made you feel like you belonged,
Unfortunately for you, poor boy, my love for you is gone.

So although you had my heart as yours it now belongs to me,
I realise that there was never a place for you and I to be,
And even though your stare lingers on me with such intensity,
I've seen you and your selfish love and that's all I need to see...

Written By

L. Martella




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