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~ Rag Doll ~
Sometimes I wish I were
a Rag Doll sitting on a shelf.
With nothing more to do
than sit there by myself.
No one to talk to
no one to play with me.
Better still no dreams
that I will never see.
I'd have no heart
that would be broken.
No unkind words
would I hear spoken.
I wonder how life would be.
If there had not been a me.
Would anyone notice if I were gone?
Would I be thought of if they heard a song?
Memories I would not recall
If I were a rag doll.
But then I would not have met you.
Found a love I thought was true.
Even Raggedy Ann needed her Andy
Perhaps love is fine and dandy.
As I put the doll back in place.
A smile does come upon my face.
I am glad to be alive.
Through these problems I will survive.
As I turn to walk away.
I decide I think I'll stay.

Copyright 2000
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