Would that I could go with you to a distant land.
Where ocean breezes blow and the waves meet the sand.

Every where we'd look we could only see ...
This Tropical Paradise made for you and me.

You've often talked about it retiring on the beach.
I want to be with you, within one anothers reach.

Make love anytime at all, be it day or night.
For what is love not for, if not for such delights.

To please you is my fondest quest.
You've only but to suggest.

My heart aches, it beats so fast, so full of love for you.
Don't wake me from this dream, I want it to come true.

Hand in hand we'll walk the shore.
Knowing that we both want more.

Our bodies soon will meld as one.
Desires will come undone.

Holding back nothing giving it all. It is as though finally
we answer love's call. I love you Darling,

more than words can say.
And I want to please you, in each and every way.

I would give my life to you, if the need should be.
For it wouldn't matter if you were not here for me.

Love is only word unless it's felt within the heart.
That feeling deep inside, that says from you I never want to part.

You take me to Paradise Whenever we speak.
With you in Paradise Is where I would peak.

Another way of telling you, that I love you so.
Let's go to a for there, we both shall glow.

Copyright 2000

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