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My Wish Came True

If a dream is a wish your heart makes
Then my wish came true

For here you are beside me
Saying "I love you"

Three little words
Meaning oh so much

Especially when accompanied
By your loving touch

Night after Night .. You come to me
With words so kind and sweet

We talk of loving one another ...
When you should be sound asleep

So hard it is to let you go
I never want to part

You are so much a part of me
I have given to you my heart

I love you more than yesterday
But less than tomorrow

How could I not love the man
Who has taken away my sorrow

Smiles and laughter I know now
Where before my tears did flow

Now the tears that I do shed
Are when you have to go

Rest my darling and dream sweet dreams
As I will be dreaming too

About the man I love so deeply
And that man is YOU

Copyright 7-13-00

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