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My Special Place
From time to time, when I grow tired
Of running in life's race,
My footsteps bring me, once again,
To this, my Special Place.

I lie upon the lush, green grass,
Beneath the maple tree;
And, as the warm breeze stirs the leaves,
It sets my spirit free.

The robins sing a joyous song,
That fills my soul with peace.
Bright flowers, with their sweet perfume,
From heartache, bring release.

The world, at times, may clip my wings,
And drag me to the ground.
Yet, how can I, in sorrow, lie,
With beauty, all around?

So, when I find my brightest dreams
Are battered, soiled and torn,
I seek, again, this hallowed ground,
And feel my soul reborn.

-Troy J. Hoecherl-





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