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~ My Ocean ~

Take me to the ocean...let me swim the sea.

For it is only there that I feel free to be.

It knows all emotions,

from anger, love to glee.

It rages and is calm

it knows all sides of me I've always

felt this closeness this tranquillity.

For when I am at the seashore

it's then I clearly see.

The mysteries of life unfold

right before my eyes.

And I can see for miles.

Even through cloudy skies.

I love to sit and watch the waves

as they roll in and out.

I go there when I'm troubled and have

things to think about.

Soon after I arrive there . . .

All things seem just right.

How could they not be so gazing at

such a sight.

Stars shine bright on the ocean.

Moon beams cast their glow.

The ocean holds the answers to all

I want to know.

If you are sad or joyful

Or want just to relax.

Believe me when I tell you

You've found the place at last.

More than that I cannot say.

You have to feel it in your soul.

For when I am at the ocean.

That's when I do feel whole. ~ ~ ~

always thinking of you ...


Copyright 1999

Poem Written By

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