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My Love is Yours.

If you look inside you see a broken heart.

I've fallen in love again with someone I can't have.

I think of you night and day.

Even to God I pray for the day that you'll be mine.

I know that if it were meant to be that it would come true.

I've wished on a million stars for

a guy like you to come into my life.

You have brought something into my life that I can't explain.

Everyday when I look at you I just think of

how much I want you to hold me

in your arms until we become one.

You even seem to weave your way into my

dreams like a mystical dream weaver.

People say that when you really care for

someone that you over look all the flaws.

And to me I see only two,

and I wouldn't change them for

that would change who you are.

I'm not sure what you consider me,

but your friendship means the world to me.

That is why I never act on what I'm feeling

when I'm around you.

When I'm around you I long to feel your

warm touch like the way hot chocolate

warms you through and through in wintertime.

Your smile makes me want to feel your lips next

to mine united in fireworks of love.

And just being near you gives me a burst

of happiness on even the worst day.

If only you felt the same way,

but I know that possibility has been thrown away.

A piece of my heart belongs to you,

and even if we just stay friends

you will be in my heart as well.

Erin L. Barnhill





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