My Inspiration

My inspiration, the whole world should be able to know,
He is one of a kind, and everyone loves him so.
He has in his years been all over this land,
And surely is being held in the palm of God's hand.

My inspiration chose carefully when it came time to pick a wife,
For you see to him, marriage meant a commitment for life.
To him the vows they spoke were so sacred and holy,
No matter what time might bring, he would think of her only.

My inspiration, over a period of years,
Saw the results of that love, in spite of their fears.
She brought forth new life three different times,
And he could rejoice, as everything seemed fine.

My inspiration, experienced pain no man should ever know,
When his mate became ill, and suffered so.
With no thoughts of himself, and no questions WHY?,
Through his faith in the Lord, he was always at her side.

My inspiration has weathered all the storms well,
I am so proud of him, it makes my heart swell.
These words come so easy, and I know they are true,
You see he's my Dad, and this was the only way I knew,
To show him my love, and pay my tribute.

Mary Beth Wilson

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