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M y Heart Belongs To You

It wasn't meant to be
But you came into my life
Now I think of only you
Though you're someone else's wife

You've given me your love
For your marriage has gone sour
Though I tried to stay away
But my feelings grow each hour

When I hold you in my arms
And look deep into you eyes
Our souls become as one
As our passions come alive

They say the love we have is wrong
But with you it seems so right
As we cling to our desires
While making love throughout the night

Now I'm here on bended knee
With my heart inside my hand
For I pledge a lasting love
Only you can understand

I wish that we had met
Under different circumstance
I wish you had no ties
So our love can have a chance

There are those who won't approve
Of this love affair we do
But you are my destination
And my heart belongs to you

Author David Farrar

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