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Every cloud has a silver lining,

It may be hard to see,

A lifeline thrown while flound'ring,

Awash in storm tossed sea.

I know it all sounds corny,

You've heard it all before,

But there is ONE, who watches,

To guide you back to shore.

HE doesn't seek the Spotlight,

Directs HE not the band,

HE lives in still and Twilight,

And waits with outstretched hand.

In a crowd, you will not see HIM,

HE pushes not to front,

Instead a child HE raises,

HE does, as he is wont.

My friend, you see, is silent,

With mobs he has no part,

HE speaks to me in silence,

He lives within my heart.

Although the storm is Raging,

And then the Dark will drown,

I do not fight the Darkness,

HE always can be found.

I've seen my share of Trouble,

And touched eternal Night,

The Pain has made me Double,

Too bloody more to fight.

And then when I am dying,

My soul has lost its Form,

I think of my friend waiting,

And my heart begins to warm.

You see, it does not matter,

My mind can fly Apart,

A mugger in the Darkness,

An arrow in the heart.

The Dark, it tries to kill me,

The pieces drive apart,

IT grinds me down to powder,

A stone beneath the cart.

He thinks that He has triumphed,

The Dark, he is so Smug,

A coward in the shadows,

A little man, a thug.

What knows this Thing of Honour,

With Light, he has no part,

He slinks among the shadows,

And gibbers in the Dark.

To specialise in Torture,

In Pain, he does delight,

It sends his soul to Rapture,

To hear a babies' cry of fright.

I cannot always see you,

You demon in the Night,

You giver of the Torment,

And cloudier of the Bright.

But my friend has often told me,

He whispers in my ear,

That your teeth are made of paper,

Your Weapon, it is Fear.

I am a poor old mortal,

I lack for much in Brains,

But I know who is the Liar,

I'll give my friend the reigns [bridal, halter].



Jon Hutchings






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