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After meeting at a bar one day and getting along really well,
a man and woman decide
to go back to her house and get to know
each other better. In the midst of
discovering what was under each other's clothes,
the woman suddenly stops the man
and says, "Quick! My husband just came home!
Go hide in the bathroom!" So the man
does as she says.
The husband comes into the bedroom to
find his wife on the bed. "Why are you
naked?" he asks.
"Oh, honey, I heard you pull up outside,
so I thought I'd come up here and give you a
nice surprise." she quickly replies.
"Great!" her husband says.
"I'll go get ready." He heads into
the bathroom before
his wife can get off the bed and stop him,
and he sees the naked man standing there
swatting at something in the air.
"Who the heck are you?"
the husband demands to know.
"Oh, I'm from the
exterminator company.
Your wife called me in to get rid of the moths."
"But you're naked!" the husband exclaims.
The man looks down and jumps back in surprise.
"Man, those moths are fast!"

Joke Sent In by Candy Torres
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