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We have been more than sisters

we have been best friends.

Sharing tears and laughter

heartaches we thought

would never end.

On this day you promise love so true ...

To the only man

who can put up with you.

Wedding Day Bliss

You are the Beautiful Bride

Always remember

If you need me,

I am by your side.

He loves you

God knows he does

I thank heaven

that someone does

You aren't the easiest

gal around

And I am so thankful

that love you have found

I love you sis

I say not in jest.

As far as sisters go

you are the best.

Tears are flowing

once again I haven't lost a sister

I have gained another friend.

Wishing to both of you

never-ending love

For both of you have received

a gift from up above.

Good times, bad times

happy and sad

You two are embarking

on the best voyage you've ever had.

Put one another first

in all you say and do

And you will find happiness

to last your lifetime through.


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