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Come walk with me,
Talk with me,
Show me that you care.
Be there for me,
Be a rock for me,
Be the answer to my prayer.

I've left you in
There's nothing hidden.
For you I deeply care.
You've known my heart
From the start,
I long to forever be there!

My heart is like
An open book,
And you're on every page.
I dream of you,
I long for you,
I want to share my life with you.

But I need to know
How to know
That you feel the way I do.
Will you please
Let me see
What's in your heart and soul?

Will you care for me
Like I care for you?
Will you always be there?
Share my life,
Let me be your wife,
And let this book stay open wide!

(C) 1999 by Glenda Lou Martin





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