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Love's Ride

Give me the love you have inside,
Donít hold back, take loveís ride.
All it costs is inside your heart,
Hang on tight the ride will start.

Which loveís ride is yours this time?
Will it be one that dips and climbs?
Or will it be one that swings and sways?
Maybe one that lasts nights and days.

Will it be up and down, like a roller coaster?
Or make you feel like toast in a pop up toaster.
Maybe it will spin and angle like a tilt a whirl,

Causing you to laugh and smile like a little girl.

Whatever a ride it will be, have no fear,
For you will not ride alone, I am here.
So come on love, letís start the ride,
Admission is paid just step inside.

Written By R. D. McManes


The Artwork On This Page Was Done By Jonathon Art





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