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As a friend I have had many failings;

Though in my concern there has

always been the best of intentions;

All hurt and ill-feelings washed

away by my tears,

Could not your heart settle into

comfort. As it were a love

flourished in my heart;

As it is a love and

respect I still hold. But,

it is a love for a friend,

One who has often consoled

a confused mind,

And confused a mind not by will,

But, through innocent

behaviors that make her unique.

And through it all,

Aggravating and

frustrating as it may be,

I will still hold on,

Driven by the gaze

and intent of a wonder

I want in my life.

A friendship as such

I am fortunate to have,

And will do my best

to keep in trust's wake.

These words I write with my heart,

Not my mind, For it is there

that my beauty and truth abides.

Take this as it is, my dear friend,

For I assure you it is not frivolous.

I love you, but I will remain patient,

And will embrace the day when your

heart feels the same once more.

Written By Pete Andrus

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