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Love Begins and Ends With You

A candle burns until it is through
In darkness I find I still love you

A rose has beauty for a day or two
Your beauty is endless for I love you

Love begins with love ... this is so true
For me it began and will end with you

Beauty is not just beauty to see
Beauty within is what matters to me

Please hear what I'm trying to say
You are my night... You are my day

You are the earth and the heaven above
I give to you ... all of my love

Don't wait til I'm gone to let me know
Tell me before it's my time to go

I love you ... words I long to hear
Whisper them softly into my ear

Why is it so hard for you to say
You said it before ... please say it today

Tomorrow may be to late
Times passes on .. time does not wait

I promise to love you my whole life through
Love for me began and will end with you

Copyright 1-6-01




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