Looking Out

I'm sleeping  over at Bobbie's tonight
at her parents place on Union Street
Bobbie is sleeping and her brother and I are watching MTV
he seems much younger so much cooler then his sister
sitting here next to me on the bed sipping a can of beer
when a commercial came on he get up and stands by the window
and I cant help wondering what he is looking at
he glances over at me and grins then asks me if I'd like to take a peek
I hesitate but he says, Aw come on its so much more fun then MTV.
So I get up and look out the window.
I can see a dog across the street playing with a ball
a women is on the porch and now a man
with no shirt is coming up behind her wrapping his arms around her
and suddenly I feel his arms wrapping around me
only it isn't the man with no shirt it is Bobbie's brother
and his hot lips kissing my neck and awful shudder
is racing through me I'm shoving him away then he throws me on the bed
he starts rubbing my body  I start to yell
and tell him to get off of me although his sister didn't here me.
I still kept on trying, trying to keep him from getting to me,
he refused to leave me alone so I curled up in a ball
still trying to keep him from getting to me
but he seemed to get to me no one in the family
heard me yelling for him to get off of me
so finally he gave up after a while he then came back
into the room a few minutes later I had fallen asleep
he had came back in to the room and raped me
I was scared I didn't know what to do
so about 6 am I walked home.
He warned me not to tell or he would hurt me.
later on that day my boyfriend came over
I told him  what had happened
he was mad and hurt.
I was so scared
to even tell him what had happened
I was afraid of what he might do if he found out that I told.
But finally I told.
I'm sleeping over at Bobbie's tonight
at her parents place on Union Street but I never will again.
By: Brandi Clark

I hope that this poem touches a lot of hearts
I was raped on December 25 2000
I was scared to speak out but now
I'm not and I want all of you that have been in my shoes
to read this and speak out on your own.
Today a friend told me to speak out
and write about my feelings
well when she told me that I decided to write this poem.
you cant live your life in fear like I still do.
So please everyone read this and take it to heart.
For all of you that has never had that happen
to you I hope that you can still feel my pain.

Copyright @ 09/19/2001
By: Brandi Clark


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