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In the distance I see a light
I shield my eyes for it is so bright

Darkness has been my shroud
Much like the sun hidden by clouds

Loneliness behind me now
It seems that now I wear a smile

You make me feel that I have worth
That life is good down here on earth

I've had thoughts of leaving it behind
Thinking life was too unkind

Nothing seemed to go my way
The hours elongated everyday

Clouds were always up above
Until you filled my life with love

Now each day is filled with wonder
Thoughts of love with you I ponder

My emptiness has been replaced
I have found love through grace

New avenues I do explore
Life now has me wanting more

In this life I will persist
Living means more than to just exist

Always in my thoughts are you
Forever in my heart .. there too

When you have something nice to say
Speak now.. wait not another day

Copyright 08-23-00
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