Life is like the Sea

Turbulence in our lives
is much like the sea.

Waves of emotions
make turmoil in me.

Powerful they are ...
each rising and then crest

Such are my emotions
and never set to rest.

Would that unrequited love
be now in my past ...

Only knowing true love ...
a love that's made to last.

Then a peace I would know
like tranquility of a calm sea.

Waves washing over
and caressing me.

If not for the storms that pass,
would we realize ...

The sunny skies
and stars that shine
right before our eyes.

We can see a picture
and see it differently.

Depending on the state of mine
in which we chose to be.

The tide comes in
The tide goes out ...

Of that there
is no doubt.

Life is like the
beautiful sea ...

At least it is
to me.

Copyright 2000

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Debbie Hughes

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