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The Most Passionate Kiss

There was a distinct feeling of lust,
As you grabbed my silky hand,
We walked amidst the street lights,
feet dragging in the dirt and sand.
As you turned to face me,
i saw the truth in your stare,
eyes a murky green with a faint sparkle,
through them, i could see how much you cared.

Your strong hand grabbed hold of me,
you held me close to you,
your hard and beautiful body,
you know what i want to do.
Deeply you stare into my eyes
you softly touch my cheek
with an unmistakable sensation,
my feeble knees are week.
you whisper with an amazing tone,
sprinkled upon my ears
My flesh burns with desire,
as your lips approach so near.

I feel your hot breath
upon my cheeks and chin,
as your lips touch mine,
a spark ignites within.
I can taste your flesh upon my lips,
your tongue can taste me too,
desperate gasps of anticipation,
Make me entirely fall for you.
I want to taste every inch
and smell your sweet dampened skin,
caress it so softly and near to me,
and take in entirely in.
You pull away for but a second,
and look deep into my eyes,
your rough hands brush up and down,
on my silky, velvet thighs.

One would think of this as though,
it was our very first loving kiss,
instead, these feelings have been aroused,
by over a year of commitment and bliss.
Although we've been together so long,
i hope we never part,
for when we kiss, after all this time,
i still feel it in my heart...

Written By

L. Martella




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