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I Touched God Today

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I touched God today
I was waiting for the bus to come,
standing with my kids,
I was looking at the snow flakes
coming down upon their heads
The beauty over took me,
all the sizes and the shapes
Then I realized that these snow flakes
are made in a greater place
I looked at everyone of them
so delicate with grace
I told the kids,
they come from a very sacred place.
At every little snow flake
I suddenly beheld
The face of God
who made them
And I thanked him from my heart,
The face of God
is every where if
we just take time to look,
Upon the beauty of the earth,
and in his mighty book,
So when you want to complain,
About the snow upon the ground
Just watch the snowflakes,
and you will see,
God is looking down.
Written By
Diane Huggins

This Poem Is Copyright
Please Do Not Copy



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