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I talk to you,
I write to you,
But nothing, like I'm not even there.

Yet, I have this rose for you,
It shows my love for you,
And how much I still care.

Valentine's Day is a happy day.
Well, I hope it is for you,
It's just hard to believe, we once
had a love so dear, so true.

For now, we are complete strangers,
The reason? I dont know why!
The last few times you said you loved me,
must've been a lie!

But whats said is said,
And whats done is done,
I'm sure we'll both move on.

Just do one last thing for me,
Tell me what went wrong?

I dont ask for love with this gift,

I know what I can and cant get,
In return, I just want your friendship,
We'd be good friends I bet!

Leon McCarthy





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