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Picture By Larry James





Were do we get our inspiration.

Is it a light from above?

Does it shine so brightly

because it's shining love?

If we need help and guidance

do we find it there?

Is anyone up there

and do they really care?

I get my inspiration

when I think of you.

You are the reason

I do the things I do.

Love is the inspiration

of how we all should live.

Caring for one another,

learning how to give.

Not in gold or silver

or things bought in a store.

The giving I speak of

has value so much more.

It is the gift of love

only you can share.

You have to feel love,

you have to really care.

It is within you

in your very heart.

Love begins with Love.

Within you, let it start.

Share your love

show you care.

Let Love be your inspiration

in everything and everywhere.

Written by

AngelKat 50**

Copyright 2000.

Poem Written By

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The Art Work On The Top Picture

Was Done By LarryJames

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