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If You Leave Me

If you leave me ..
My life will go on

Each morning I will rise
With the light of dawn

Like a robot
I will perform

Even though my heart
Is sad and so forlorn

Without you in my life
My heart will no longer smile

It is the time spent with you
That made my life worthwhile

If you leave me
Tears will flood my heart

Filling in the whole
Where you were the vital part

I shall forever love you
Although hope it seems has gone

I wonder to myself
What was it I did wrong

I wished upon stars at night
That someday you'd love me

Always in my thoughts
In my heart you'll always be

Our time together
Made special memories

Memories last forever
You can't take those from me

I want to thank you
For the times we shared

Though you said it was not love
I know how much you cared

Perhaps in retrospect
You will remember me

I will keep the light on
In love with you I'll always be

Copyright 10-18-00

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