If I had wings like an eagle,
I would be there by your side,
I'd fly over the ocean on
loves thermals I would ride.
My eyes would scan the horizon
for that first hint of land
And I'd journey tell my darling,
my hand was in your hand.

If I had wings like an eagle,
I'd never be apart
My body would be next to
that which is in my heart
I'd sour amidst the heavens,
and race the sky of blue,
I would be in a heart beat,
there standing next to you.

If I had wings like an eagle,
I would know just where I'd be
I would cover any distance,
over land or sea
I would be just where my heart is,
and the one I long to hold
I'd fly until I'd reach you, and
my arms round you'd enfold.

If I had wings like an eagle,
I'd fight with might and main
To get to you my darling
and never leave again.
I'd be there in an instant
, a heart beat at the best
And lay down by your side dear,
our love forever blessed

But I am not an eagle,
just a man whose heart you own
A person who just loves you,
our family and our home.
I man who offers nothing,
except love in every way,
Who'll be beside you darling...
forever and that day

Barry Eva 2000

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