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How Was Your Day?

I got up this morning

feeling fine

Had nothing special

on my mind

A typical day

Nothing new

Tons of work

I've yet to do

Took my shower

make up and perfume

Psyching myself out

to get in tune

Hello and How are you

Repeating this each time

A customer enters

and the door chimes

Some are nice

and some not so good

Customers always right

at least that's what's understood

We all have our problems

good days and bad

Does anyone inquire

what kind of day I've had

Listen to their beef

My fault they are late

Now they are complaining

They can't get in the Gate

Pay your bill

Pay it on time

It is your fault

and no that of mine

At least that is what

I feel like saying

But my pay check

depends on their staying

Sweet I must be

So sweet I am

Alas sometimes I just

Don't give a damn

God bless them everyone

Grant me patience one day more

Time to close ... I made it through

I whisper as I lock the door

And ... by the way

How Was Your Day?


Copyright 2000

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